What Are Bylaws?

Bylaws, also spelled as “by-laws,” are the rules an organization sets. They are established by the board of directors during the time the organization is being formed. Written bylaws tell organizations how to handle any new issues or situations that might arise. Having bylaws in place will save time that would’ve been spent on trying to work out complications within the company. It will also help keep things running smoothly and define goals or missions.

What Do Bylaws Do?

Bylaws will define things like the organizations purpose, official name, officers’ titles and responsibilities, requirements for membership, how the officers will be elected, how meetings will be conducted, and how often these meetings will be held. Bylaws will dictate the way the group functions in addition to what the roles and responsibilities of the officers will be. They help lay out an organization map, so everyone will know what the purpose and the daily operations are. Bylaws that are well-written will ensure the organization runs smoothly by providing a solution for any issues, including nominations, elections, and settling disputes among parties.

Why should I as a member of USA Boccia be aware of our Bylaws?

As a current paying member of USA Boccia you have membership privileges which include;

  1. Voting on new board members at the annual meeting
  2. Voting on Bylaw amendments and revisions at the annual meeting
  3. Voting on all other matters as they relate to USA Boccia at the annual meeting
  4. Putting forth amendments to change current bylaws to be voted on at the annual meeting
  5. Ability to apply for board of director position based on job description requirements

Why Revise Bylaws?

Bylaws should be amended and formally adopted as is necessary. The bylaws need to be current and accurate.  Bylaws should be changed every five years, so they stay up to date with the rules and regulations.   USA Boccia’s current bylaws were written 3 years ago.

How are Bylaw amendments/revisions approved?

At the annual meeting all USA Boccia Members (those who have paid for a membership) who are present, will have opportunity to vote on the bylaw amendment/revision.

There are several options at the Annual Meeting:

  • A VOTE of Yes by 2/3 majority of those present will accept the amendments as written. If the bylaws are adopted the amendments will go in effect 30 days following the annual meeting.
  • A VOTE of NO by simple majority will not accept the amendments as written.  A Committee will be formed to receive input from the stakeholders of the organization and work on the bylaws for presentation at our next Annual Meeting.
  • A motion for division of the question can be made with a 2nd, approved by majority Vote. This allows the amendments to be looked at separately.
  • A motion for commit or Refer can be made with a 2nd, and approved by majority vote to take a section of  proposed amendment and assign to a committed for further study.
  • A motion to approve a section with a second to accept a section to the Bylaws – 2/3 vote required.