Classification List

Below are the the names of the individuals who have been classified by the USA Boccia Classification panel.  This list was updated on 7/9/2017 and states each athletes current classification status.

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Review – means you have to been seen by the classification panel again until you received a confirmed status.


Last Name First Name Organization State Classification Status
Albertson Hack Cluster Busters MO Open Confirmed
Angle Brian RIC IL BC3 Confirmed
Anwar AB IND CA BC2 Confirmed
Avellone Joey Cluster Busters MO BC3 Confirmed
Banks Everett Cluster Busters MO Open Confirmed
Barber Deja Bridge2Sports NC BC2 Review
Barnes Doug Cluster Busters MO BC5 Confirmed
Beck Christine WDSRA IL BC3 Review
Berry Troy Blue Valley KS BC1 Confirmed
Bostick Harold Bay CA Open Confirmed
Bradley Charles IND NC BC5 Review
Brady Michael IND NC BC4 Review
Brooks Billy UCPC IL Open Confirmed
Brown Charles IND FL BC4 Confirmed
Burnett Adam IND KS BC4 Confirmed
Caldwell Edward Straps TX BC5 Confirmed
Castllio Daniel IND TX BC3 Review
Chastain Natallie UCPC IL BC3 Confirmed
Coffield David IND VA BC5 Confirmed
Cohen Howard UCPN NY BC3 Confirmed
Dalton Danny UCPN NY BC3 Confirmed
DeFransesco Sebastion Bay CA BC5 Review
DeJesus Rafael UCPN NY BC5 Confirmed
Dell Steve IND MI BC3 Confirmed
D’Eufemia Patricia Bay CA BC5 Review
Dickson-Smith Joann IND GA Open Confirmed
Duncan Elizabeth IND TX BC3 Review
DuRussell Douglas IND MI BC4 Review
Ebersole Amanda UCPC IL BC3 Review
Estrada Laura UCPC IL BC3 Confirmed
Eurich Thomas NWSRA IL Open Confirmed
Facen Ricky IND IL BC2 Review
Finton Jeremy CJA OH BC4 Review
Fleisch Charles UCPN NY BC3 Confirmed
Flora-Swick Lizzie IND KS BC1 Confirmed
Freeman Stefan IND CA BC5 Review
Frew Hannah Blue Valley KS Open Confirmed
Fuda Terri Cluster Busters MO Open Confirmed
Ganz Rose Cluster Busters MO Open Confirmed
Garringer Dan UCPC IL BC3 Confirmed
Gates-Ehlers Jacob NWSRA IL BC3 Review
Gonzalez Eduardo Straps TX BC5 Confirmed
Greene* Jessica Bay CA BC5 Review
Gregg Candace UCPC IL BC3 Confirmed
Gustafson Robert MNASR IL BC3 Confirmed
Gustamante Nook IND TX Open Confirmed
Haarman Keith UCPN NY BC1 Confirmed
Hanson Austin Green Machine KS BC3 Confirmed
Harrison Marck CJA OH BC2 Confirmed
Hiltner Matt WDSRA IL BC2 Confirmed
Hosty Dick IND KS BC5 Review
Houghtaling Nick WDSRA IL BC5 Review
Jackson Bobby Cluster Busters MO BC4 Confirmed
Jedryczka Slawomir MNASR IL BC2 Confirmed
Johnson Kenny RIC IL BC1 Confirmed
Junger Kurt WDSRA IL BC1 Confirmed
Kain Josh MNASR IL BC3 Confirmed
Kator Rachel MNASR IL BC3 Review
King Shavonna UCPC IL BC3 Review
Klemm Jerry IND MN BC5 Review
Kult Ruth Cluster Busters MO BC5 Confirmed
Lagunas Richard UCPC IL BC1 Confirmed
Langella Tom IND TX Open Confirmed
Lettenberger Charles WDSRA IL BC4 Review
Lewis Steven IND FL BC5 Confirmed
Lynch Michele WDSRA IL BC2 Confirmed
Mason Brigid WDSRA IL BC1 Confirmed
Mayfield Ron IND VA Open Confirmed
McClacherty Cameron Green Machine KS BC1 Review
McClntosh Cindy IND MS Open Confirmed
McColm Mike IND MO Open Confirmed
Medina Pedro NWSRA IL BC5 Confirmed
Medina Pedro NWSRA IL BC5 Confirmed
Miller Katy Green Machine KS BC1 Confirmed
Minelli Barb NWSRA IL BC2 Review
Miranda James CJA OH BC3 Confirmed
Monken Lou Cluster Busters MO Open Confirmed
Moretti Cynthia UCPC IL BC3 Confirmed
Morgan-Tyra Jennifer Cluster Busters MO Open Confirmed
Nesmith April IND NC Open Confirmed
Norris Mike Cluster Busters MO BC5 Confirmed
Oatis Cornelius CJA OH BC1 Confirmed
Parkes Patrick IND MI BC2 Confirmed
Pennington Irma IND TX Open Confirmed
Pettigrew Jacob IND KS BC4 Review
Plair Alex UCP IL BC1 Review
Plair Alex UCPC IL BC3 Review
Porter Larry Cluster Busters MO Open Confirmed
Powell John Texas Roadrunners TX Open Confirmed
Ragland Gary IND TX BC3 Confirmed
Randolph Tony UCPC IL BC3 Confirmed
Richards Scott Cluster Busters MO BC4 Confirmed
Rosequist Kristen MNASR IL BC5 Review
Ruiz Judy IND TX Open Confirmed
Salerno Michael UCPN NY BC3 Confirmed
Sawyer Henry IND CA BC4 Review
Scott Charles Straps TX BC5 Confirmed
Scott John Straps TX BC5 Review
Shallow Unyton Straps TX BC5 Review
Smith Katie IND PA BC4 Review
Smith Laroy Cluster Busters MO Open Confirmed
Stallings Karen Bridge2Sports NC BC5 Confirmed
Stokes Kevin IND CA BC4 Review
Surell Dejuan IND MS Open Confirmed
Swaka Chris NWSRA IL BC3 Review
Sylvia Leatrice NWSRA IL Open Confirmed
Talavera Christina RIC IL BC3 Review
Taylor Jataya IND CO Open Confirmed
Thomas Lorenzo IND GA BC3 Review
Viau Chris MNASR IL BC1 Confirmed
Wagner Chris MNASR IL BC5 Review
Walker Angela IND IL Open Confirmed
Williams Kevin Mecklenburg NC BC1 Confirmed
Williams Sam WDSRA IL BC1 Review
Williams Jamal West Coast CA BC5 Confirmed
Willis Chuck IND TX Open Confirmed
Witek Jessica MNASR IL BC2 Confirmed
Wood Jessica UCP IL BC1 Review
Zacarius Brian UCPN NY BC2 Confirmed
Zakai Fawad IND GA BC3 Confirmed
Zwiedinger TJ NWSRA IL BC1 Confirmed