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The coach is the key to success for any athlete or team.

On this page you will find a variety of information for Boccia coaches.


Coaching the sport of Boccia

Basic Boccia Training Games and Ideas –  contains fun games to add to your practice to help teach different strategies of the game.

Boccia Court Explained is a great resource to understand the lines of the court and positioning of athletes during Team and Pair Play

Chicago Coach Clinic Presentation 12-9-16 – is another resource that can take your practices to the next level.  This clinic’s presenter is the Head Coach for Canada and he has coached many athletes to the Paralympic Podium

Introduction on using a Ramp – this is a helpful video for your sports assistants who support of BC3 ramp players.  This will explain some of the rules both your athlete and assistant should understand before competition.


Coaches Requirements

As you progress from practice to attending tournaments there are a few requirements you as a coach will need to complete.

USA Boccia Membership – any coach needing access to a sanctioned USA Boccia Tournament will need to have completed a membership

USA Boccia SafeSport Training  – is required by USA Boccia who will be attending a sanctioned USA Boccia Tournament.  For more information on our SafeSport Policy click here
SafeSport Access Code – QCT3-AB96-YGTB-I7U8 

Coaches Certification – USA Boccia offers a two tiered certification program for Boccia coaches. The certification program has been developed to provide a progressive level of coaching education in the Paralympic Sport of Boccia.  Coaching certifications are valid from 2017-2020.  For detailed information on coaches certification please click here