The safety and well-being of all of our athletes, members, and supporters is of paramount importance to us in the Paralympic and Olympic movements. In this difficult and challenging time, we are working to provide the best information and guidance possible to our stakeholders. Since the day I started, I have been in communication with the USOPC to ensure we were involved and receiving the latest news and recommendations on how to address this situation. The cancellation of our national tournament and in-person annual meeting was just the first precaution and action we have taken.

We have received documents from the USPOC on returning to play and event planning among other policy guidance. I would strongly recommend that you follow this link: to see all of the documents, resources, and communications from the USOPC. It also has links to the CDC and WHO websites for additional information. We are putting together a task force to provide specific guidance to our clubs on best practices for a safe return to play.

I know we are all eager to return to play and competition and to see and enjoy playing with our friends in the Boccia community. I can only stress the need for patience at this time. Our athletes are the most courageous and brave people on the planet, facing challenges that few can imagine. Now is the time to demonstrate an even greater level of courage, by making the sacrifices of staying at home where it is required, social distancing, wearing a mask, hand washing, and other precautionary measures. We can beat this deadly virus, but only if we work together and take care of each other. It will require, love, kindness, and courage, but that is what our Boccia community is all about.

For questions about USA Boccia’s response to the Coronavirus or return to play please contact Executive Director Eric Pfeifer at

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