Basic Rules How to play


  • Boccia is a Paralympic sport. It is highly competitive and is fun for able bodied  as well as disabled athletes.  Boccia can be played individually,  Pairs (2 on a team) or Team (3 on a team)
    • Boccia is throwing sport. The balls can be thrown or put in play with a ramp.  The court can be any size for recreational play.  It is 10m by 6m for competition
  • You sit next to your opponent on the boccia court.  Each side get 6 colored balls, red or blue. Red goes first.  Red will throw the white ball (Jack) out on court. And then the same person who served will throw their first red ball out on court.


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Learn the Sport of Boccia:

Boccia can be played one-on-one, in Pairs or in Teams of three. It is played on a specially marked court indoors on a tile surface or wooden gym floor. The object of the game is to throw or roll leather-like balls so that they land as close as possible to a target ball called the Jack. Opponents take turns serving the Jack attempting to place it to their advantage.


Each side has 6 red balls and 6 blue balls and a Jack ball.  A coin toss determines whether the player uses red or blue balls and rules designate which playing boxes are used for red or blue.

The game begins with the red player throwing the white target ball ( Jack) onto the court. They follow up with their colored ball getting as close to Jack as possible. The opponent then throws trying to get closer. The player or team that is not closest to the Jack must then throw until they put a ball closer to the Jack.  This order of play continues until all balls are thrown. Athletes can knock balls out of the way in order to become closest. They can push their own ball in closer to the Jack.

When all balls have been thrown, a referee determines the points awarded for that end.  The color that is closest to the Jack receives the number of points equal to the number of balls that they have closer to the jack than their opponent’s closest ball. The score accumulates for a number of ends specified in the rules for each division.

The USA Boccia website has coaching tips, a competition calendar and resources for equipment.


Basic Boccia Rules and Strategies for success in Boccia:

  • Serve the Jack ball on your side of the court.  This makes the angle and distance more difficult for your opponent.
  • Follow the serve as close to the Jack as possible.  It takes practice but when you are able to do this you put your opponent on the defense.
  • When your following your opponents serve, get as close to the Jack as  possible.  Or get in their way.  Sometimes your best defense is to limit the number of points your opponent can score.
  • Find your sweet spot. With each disabled player, the way you throw, or roll, depends on your unique body. With practice you can find what works for you.


Looking for a Way to Get Involved?

USA Boccia is the High Performance Management Organization for the sport of Boccia.  Contact to help you find a club nearest you or help you start one.