To proactively facilitate appropriate opportunities for elite level competition, preserving the current Paralympic pathway for athletes with high support needs, whilst also supporting growth, development and a greater awareness of Boccia by being inclusive, progressive and accessible to all.


Strategic Priorities

  • Leadership and Governance: Effective sports governance requires leadership, integrity and good judgement. This in turn will lead to better decision-making, increased transparency and accountability.
  • Sport Development: High quality pathways, structures and processes are critical to the growth of the sport; allowing athletes to achieve to the best of their ability; and providing a more vibrant national, regional and international competition structure.
  • Marketing and Promotion: The increased exposure of Boccia to the wider global community presents opportunities for developing commercial relationships for the benefit of the sport.
  • People Development: Sustainable growth of the sport will continue to depend on its network of people (most of whom are volunteers), working together to support development and provide elite competition opportunities.

Our Partners