Ball Buy Back Program
It has been discussed that many athletes have “old” Boccia balls sitting in their closet and want to get rid of them for a variety of reasons.  In USA Boccias’ continuing efforts to grow the sport, a Ball Buy Back program is being initialed for USA Boccia’s current member players and member clubs.  This is a two-step process:
Step one:
Any interested USA Boccia Member, needs to complete this simple survey listing some basic ball information.  This must be completed in advance for us to best prepare.


Survey Link


Step two:
At four designated events, the interested member will bring the equipment to be inspected by USA Boccia.

These four events will be the 3 regional tournaments and 2024 Nationals.
Any eligible balls/equipment that can be immediately re-issued to a new grass roots player, will be purchased at $10 per ball or $120 per set.  USA Boccia understands that this will not purchase a new, high level set of balls for HP athletes but it will provide some funding back to our HP members and other club members assisting them in replenishing some equipment with this limited funding.
These “Buy Back Balls” will then be re-issued in the loan back to mostly to new Boccia player members across the country.  Full sets are NOT needed.  Individual balls are eligible.

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