In its pursuit of competitive excellence, USA Boccia provides athletes with physical disabilities the opportunity to compete and excel in the sport of Boccia on the local, regional, national and international level.

Support the aspirations and dreams of our Boccia athletes by donating to, and volunteering with USA Boccia.

USA Boccia protects the safety and well-being of its athletes through its SafeSport and USADA programming, and adherence to strict COVD-19 Guidelines.

USA Boccia was formed in 2015 and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and managed by top professionals in Paralympic sport

USA Boccia provides educational courses, resources and certification for coaches, assistants and in the future parents.

USA Boccia is a proud member of the Paralympic movement

Current Announcements

New Nationals Details!

Check out the NEW details posted on our Nationals Page! * Athlete Groups * Team & Pairs Listing * Registration, Equipment Check, Classification will all happen at the Venue on Thursday (stay tuned for a schedule) VOLUNTEERS ARE STILL NEEDED! We have developed a form that will allow us to match your interests/skills with our volunteer needs. Please click on the link below, complete the questions, and submit your response. You will be contacted with more information about your volunteer experience as we get closer to our competition date. Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer at USA Boccia Nationals.


Athletes have been working hard! Now it is your turn! Study the rules NOW! We are 3 weeks away from Nationals and the last thing you want to cause is a violation for your athlete. . You will not be allowed on the court in that role without a valid certification. Due to the crazy couple of years, we have all had USA Boccia is NOT charging for the exam this year. Anyone in a role at 2021 Nationals needs to have the exam(s) passed by October 5th, 2021. Good luck! Not going to Nationals?? Feel free to take any exams that you may need to have at tournaments between 2021-24. The exams are free to members through November 1st 2021. Have at it!

Play Boccia Campaign

Play Boccia Campaign: Let us get everyone we know to do three things: 1) Become aware of Boccia 2) To Donate to USA Boccia 3) To Reach out and Expand our Interest in Boccia Spread the word! USA Boccia will be posting daily Social media posts. Please pass them along and encourage your networks to pass them along!

Ball Buy-Back Program

Our goal is to make boccia accessible to all in the U.S. Some athletes will be placing balls up for sale at the 2021 Nationals (ball buyback program) in order to save money for upgraded ball purchases as well as benefit up-and-coming athletes in the sport. We will have a table at nationals to sell these balls. All balls sold at this time are nonlicensed, yet very suitable for domestic games. Most of the balls sold will be well worked in and will be playable the day you buy them! For those of you with balls to sell now is the time to dust them off. Send a description of the balls (softness), approximate age of the balls, if it is not a full set tell us how many and what kind, manufacture, and the cost you are selling them for. Send a picture and description to Kathy Brinker at by next Friday, September 25th. 

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