Board of Directors

Connor Mealey
Cathy Drobny
Benji Wolken
Patrick Parks
A.B. Anwar
Brenda Wiggins
Mary Hodge
Michele Miranda
Nick Taylor

Board of Directors New Bios

Mary Hodge:        Bio.MaryHodge.11.28.2022.v2

Michelle Miranda  Bio.Miranda.Michelle.11.28.2022

Patrick Parkes      Bio.PatrickParkes.11.28.2022

Bylaws – APROVED 8.5.2023

Bylaws – Ratified August 5, 2023
  • Board and Committee Minutes

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USA Boccia strives to maintain the trust and respect of our members and donors through thoughtful and worthwhile use of your membership and charitable contributions.  These documents are available to our members upon request.



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Available upon request.




USA Boccia Complaint Procedures

USA Boccia Gifts & Entertainment Policy

USA Boccia Code of Ethics : Updated 1.18.2023

Ethical Violation Report Form

USA Boccia Confidentiality Statement

USA Boccia Coaches Code of Conduct

USA Boccia Classifier Code of Conduct

USA Boccia Referees Code of Conduct

USA Boccia Athlete Code of Conduct

Background Check Procedures

Background Check Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

USOPC National Anti-Doping Policy

USADA Protocol

Whistleblower Policy



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