National League’s Purpose:
1) Provide increased lower cost local competitions
2) Provide increased competitive events locally
3) Provide increased competitive competitions at Nationals
4) Provide more benefits to USA Boccia members
5) Provide incentives to host local competitions
6) Provide incentives to register and compete in competitions

League Structure
Season: September 1 – June 30

a. Initially: One Division will be started
b. Future: expand to below divisions when feasible based on skill of competitors
i. Division One: Age 15 through adult
ii. Division Two: Age 15 through adult
iii. Division Youth: Age 6-14

• Coed divisions until enough single gendered divisions can be established

• All participants must be USA Boccia Full Members

International Athletes: TBD

League Hosting Requirements:
• Needs to be a USA Boccia Certified Sanctioned Tournament
• Venue Capacity: Host must have ability to host at least 2-6 courts for tournaments.
• In 2023, need to apply asap
• In 2024, minimum of 4 months in advanced
• For September 1, 2025 season submission by August 1 annually

Registration Deadlines:
• Registration Materials: Must be made available at least 6 months prior to tournament

• Must be open to all USA Boccia members at the same date
• All Tournament players must be USA Boccia Standard Full Members (not in-house recreation members)

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